Amanda Hilligas

Vice President, Global Programs

Winrock’s Vice President of Global Programs, Amanda Hilligas, is a strategic and inclusive leader with 23 years of multidisciplinary experience in program management and portfolio management. A member of the Executive Team, Amanda oversees a global portfolio of projects across Winrock’s technical areas including Agriculture, Resilience, & Water; Human Rights, Education & Empowerment; Environment & Energy; and Forestry & Natural Resources Management, as well as key technical areas at the intersection of climate change mitigation and adaptation. She has extensive experience in change management at both the portfolio and project levels, and oversaw the successful reorganization of Winrock’s Global Programs units in 2019. Amanda served previously as Winrock’s senior director of ARW. She was a member of Winrock’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force, which works to promote inclusion and gender equity across the organization, and is a member of the Crisis Management Team, which assisted in oversight of Winrock’s global COVID-19 response. Prior to joining Winrock, Amanda worked as an executive vice president, a technical trade officer, and as chief of party on a project in Botswana. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science and music, and a dual MBA/MA focused on international development.