Protecting Biodiversity and Supporting Critical Ecosystems in India

Project Title: Strengthening Landscape Management and Conservation

India is home to some of the largest forests in south Asia, and is rich in wildlife and biodiversity. The ecosystems Indian landscapes support are home to hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, invertebrates and mammals, including Asian elephants and Bengal tigers. India’s forests also are home to communities who rely upon them for food, water, shelter and livelihoods. The USAID-funded Strengthening Landscape Management and Conservation project, implemented by Winrock, is working with the Government of India and local partners to enhance management of these ecologically critical landscapes for biodiversity conservation, human well-being and climate benefits. SLMC’s three inter-related objectives across Indian landscapes are: 1) To improve management of protected areas, buffer areas and corridors; 2) To enhance inclusive livelihoods from ecosystem services; and 3) To institutionalize systems and practices that support sustainable landscape conservation.

Project Start: 04/24/2023
Project End: 04/23/2028