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Winrock International


Growing Value for Producers Through Increased Access to Markets for Climate Smart Commodities

Funder: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Project Timeline: June 29, 2023 - June 30, 2028

Country: United States

Program Areas: Agriculture and Climate Change

Contact: Megan Wall,

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Winrock’s Growing Value for Producers Through Increased Access to Markets for Climate Smart Commodities project will create and implement a farmer-friendly system that:

  1. Builds capacity with institutions interacting with a range of producers, including the underserved, to support adoption of climate smart practices and interact with commodity buyers in the market;
  2. Generates producer-owned agricultural GHG Certificates that are quantified, verified, issued and tracked on a fully-digital agriculture registry platform, and that can be monetized by producers through commodity markets for corporate buyers to achieve and substantiate supply chain climate claims;
  3. Creates a runway of financial and technical support to producers to adopt practices and participate in the market through the sale of certificates;
  4. Minimizes transaction costs to farmers through producer-friendly automated and efficient GHG quantification, data collection, and verification processes; and
  5. Is nationally scalable for all producers, commodities, and practices across the U.S.

This project  will incentivize producers to adopt Natural Resources Conservation Service or equivalent practices on 50,000 new acres not currently receiving NRCS payments (for the same practice, on the same plot), increasing GHG and other environmental benefits achieved on U.S. farms. Winrock’s project will engage two very distinct producer groups with diverse and historically underserved representation, creating a strong foundation for post-pilot national scalability: the Intertribal Agriculture Council and Riceland Foods.

Photo courtesy of Intertribal Agriculture Council,