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Everglades Carbon Assessment Project

Winrock International and The Everglades Foundation are building upon a lasting collaboration that draws from mutual philosophies, complementary knowledge and skills. The focus of Winrock’s work is on assisting the Foundation to evaluate greenhouse gas emissions from various agricultural, freshwater, and coastal ecosystems across southern Florida. Winrock is also supporting the Foundation’s efforts to quantify…

USAID Hamro Samman II

Trafficking-in-persons is a complex problem that requires multi-disciplinary solutions with many stakeholders. Nepal is a source, transit and destination country for labor, sex, and organ trafficking. Some studies estimate that a quarter of a million Nepalis are in forced labor or other forms of trafficking at any given time, with millions more vulnerable due to […]

USAID/Dominican Republic Solid Waste Reduction Program

This activity’s goal is to reduce waste in municipalities leading to cleaner oceans in the Dominican Republic. To achieve clean oceans, USAID will work on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic enabling communities and economies to thrive and to build resilience to climate and economic shocks. The objectives of this activity are:

Rural Placemaking Initiative Challenge (RPIC): Delta Communities Connected through Placemaking

The Delta Communities Connected through Placemaking and Innovation (DCCPI) project seeks to facilitate locally driven efforts to improve quality of life, rural economy, and e-connectivity in the Mid-Delta region of Arkansas. DCCPI leverages the strong cultural identity and current placemaking efforts of Lonoke, England, Stuttgart, and Helena-West Helena with innovative state initiatives focused on enhancing […]

Arkansas Connectivity Coalition

Broadband connectivity is a critical issue in rural communities, and equitable access to it is vital for community and economic development. Winrock has embedded broadband planning and technical assistance in its rural community development work in Arkansas since 2018. Recognized as a leader in building the capacity of rural communities to better address their broadband […]

South Cumberland Community of Practice

South Cumberland Community Fund (SCCF) has developed a Community of Practice to promote nonprofit organizational capacity by providing forums for leaders and community members to grow in their knowledge and expertise. The goals of the Community of Practice are: In addition to designing meetings meant to deep dive into the goals, structure, and possibilities of […]

USAID Climate Resilient Agriculture in the Mekong Delta (CRM)

The Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam, a region of 40,000 square kilometers and approximately 18 million people, is among the world’s most vulnerable regions to the impacts of climate change. It is an agricultural powerhouse that produces roughly half of Vietnam’s total rice harvest and nearly three-quarters of its fruit, aquaculture, and fisheries […]

Rural Placemaking Initiative Challenge: Arkansas Delta Rhythm and Bayous

Winrock International is implementing the Arkansas Delta Rhythm and Bayous Placemaking Initiative project with local and multi-jurisdictional efforts to improve the quality of life, rural economies, and e-connectivity in four Delta communities. The Delta Rhythm and Bayous Highway is the Arkansas-Louisiana-Mississippi corridor along U.S. Route 65 South and Bayou Bartholomew that connects seven rural, Delta […]

Community Leaders Empowered with Adaptation and Response (CLEAR)

Rural municipal leaders are on the front lines supporting their citizens and businesses on a broad range of issues, yet they often lack the appropriate tools for the task at hand. The Community Leaders Empowered with Adaptation and Response project provides technical assistance, training and mentoring to five rural municipalities in Arkansas with the goal […]

Advancing Sustainability and Preparedness in Rural Economies (ASPIRE)

Contributing to USDA Rural Development’s mission of improving the economy and quality of life in rural U.S. communities, the Advancing Sustainability and Preparedness in Rural Economies project will provide technical assistance, training and mentoring to four rural municipalities in Arkansas with the goal of enhancing local capacity to plan, implement, and sustain innovative community and […]
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