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Volunteer Post

Our Spirited Farmer-to-Farmer Team in Mali

Jen Snow

A few of Winrock’s home office staff traveled to Mali to work with our Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) staff for a week. It is always nice to spend time face-to-face and to see first-hand how our programs are progressing and making an impact in country. We asked our field staff to reflect on their jobs and their experiences working with American volunteers. Their responses were thoughtful and are good examples of the field team’s spirit and dedication.

baraWith a big smile, Bara, the Farmer-to-Farmer Mali Country Director, exclaims, “Each assignment is a new adventure! The volunteers are very kind and very courageous. In their kindness is a real committment to help and learn, not only to just provide information. All of the volunteers are very skilled. All of the field staff learn a lot by accompanying the volunteers. It’s so exciting!”




“Since I have been here, I have met volunteers who are very kind. If a volunteer needs something, they ask me, and I do it. I like my job!” –Aminata Ouattara, office secretary




Bourama, F2F Training & Outreach Coordinator, says “My job is important because it contributes to the economic development of my own country. I enjoy working with American volunteers because working with them allows me to better understand the American culture and people. It has helped me understand that Americans are all professionals, very focused, disciplined, and willing to help.”


“It’s like this program was designed for me. First, it’s helping me to meet my dream of working with farmers, which reminds me of when I was a child working in the field with my parents. I am now able to analyze why our productivity was low. Working with volunteers helps me because this is my first work experience. This is a huge foundation for me.” –Alfousseni Sidibe, Program Assistant




Winrock’s accountant and gender coordinator, Lala, explains, “Since being at Winrock, I have met wonderful people. I am really happy to work with the volunteers. It’s like a family for me. The nice moments are when we share lunch with the volunteers. It’s really fantastic!” –Lala, accountant and gender coordinator