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Winrock International

December 2014

Pauline Kangoro

Dec 14 2014

At 60 years old, Pauline Kangoro is leading a movement in her village. Pauline heads a group of 30 women moringa producers and together they are raising a moringa frenzy in their village of Koukouldi in central west Burkina Faso. In 2013, USAID WA-WASH identified the married mother of four as a leader in her […]
Pros at his grocery store.

Once forced to labor on a fishing boat, trafficking survivor now owns small business, helps raise awareness

Dec 4 2014

Pros (not his real name) is a successful entrepreneur who sells groceries in front of his home in the Uddar Meanchey province of Cambodia, and earns additional income to support his six children by pumping water for villagers and raising crops and livestock. He’s come a long way toward achieving his hopes of providing a […]
CTIP empowers survivors of human trafficking.

Small Business Offers Promising Future for Young Woman with Difficult Past

Dec 4 2014

At age 22, Srey (not her real name) is an entrepreneur in the Battambang Province of Northwestern Cambodia. She has started a small sewing business, and like many other young adults, is taking charge of her life. Her outlook and opportunities are promising, and far different than they were just a few years ago. Srey, […]