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Winrock International

February 2016

Tracking a hog badger with the help of a camera trap.

A Glimpse at a Previously Unknown World

February 11, 2016

Andong Kraloeung is a must-see eco-tourism site located in the remote hills of the Seima Protection Forest in Mondulkiri province. Unknown to most until recently, Andong Kraloeung is home to a unique collection of incredible plants and animals. And its beauty is now available for all of Cambodia — and the world — to see. Seen above is […]
Winrock News

The Power of the Sun

February 11, 2016

Joshua Okundi works hard to earn a living — growing crops such as corn, passion fruit, bananas and mangoes. He also has two fish ponds, where he raises tilapia. Like many smallholder farmers in Kenya, Okundi was spending a significant sum for fuel to run his diesel irrigation pumps, eating into his modest profits. Now, thanks […]
Win rock CEO in discussion with development workers in Cambodia

Winrock Forward

February 11, 2016

Motivated by his own past, CEO Rodney Ferguson has positioned Winrock International to offer solutions to the world’s most challenging problems Interview by Chris Warren Long before Rodney Ferguson became President and CEO of Winrock International, he was keenly aware of how development work can transform lives. As a young boy growing up in small-town […]