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Winrock International

March 2016

Game Changer for Farmers in Bangladesh: ‘Now the Buyers Come to Us’

Mar 30 2016

On a foggy winter morning in early February, smallholder farmers in the Jessore district of Bangladesh contributed to a hectic and previously unusual sight. Some farmers sorted produce under a large shed adjacent to a vast field of crops. Others eagerly bargained with the very buyers who, not long ago, wouldn’t have bothered to come out […]

‘The Coffee Trip of a Lifetime’

Mar 30 2016

Something special is brewing for smallholder coffee producers in Burma. For the vast majority of coffee drinkers in the United States and around the world, java from Burma remains an unexperienced delight. But, with Winrock connecting hundreds of smallholder farmers with international coffee buyers recently, that may be primed to change. In February, two years […]
Group of kids showing off hand stamps

‘We Must Protect Them’

Mar 30 2016

The USAID Supporting Forests and Biodiversity Project, implemented by Winrock International, with partners WWF-Cambodia, WCS and others, celebrated “Mondulkiri’s Wildlife and Us” in December. The event promoted the importance of the region’s landscapes and species and showed the commitment of local forest communities to protect their natural heritage. The celebration in Sen Monorom underlined the […]

Winrock Hosts US-Cuba Dialogue

Mar 25 2016

As he wrapped up his historic visit to Cuba this past March, President Obama delivered a speech at an ornate theater in Havana. He explained his decision to seek normalized relations with America’s longtime foe and laid out a hopeful vision. “It is time for us to look forward to the future together,” he said, […]

Cuba Consortium Agriculture & Food Roundtable to be Held in Arkansas

Mar 16 2016

Hutchinson, Daschle, Cuban Experts To Headline March Event Hosted By Winrock International, Winthrop Rockefeller Institute And Howard Baker Forum  MORRILTON, Ark. (March 11, 2016) – For 50 years, silence has reigned between the United States and Cuba. But warming relations between the two countries is now a hot topic — and Arkansas is poised to […]

A Forest of Possibilities

Mar 6 2016

By Chris Warren Leyland Harcourt doesn’t need to read ominous scientific reports to understand why climate change is such a threat to the South American nation of Guyana. On a languid January morning that’s sufficiently hot and sunny for him to go shirtless and barefoot, Harcourt sits comfortably on the stairway of a home he’s […]

To Thi Loi

Mar 1 2016

This portrait is part of the Vietnam Clean Energy Program’s series on women champions in the Vietnamese construction sector, featuring women who have made strides in this male-dominated field, coming from diverse backgrounds and with different interests, but bound together by the common themes of a strong work ethic, love of country, a strong belief […]