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Winrock International

Arlington Office Photo Captions


Winrock is in the transformation business — from protecting food security in Ghana to saving forests in Vietnam; from the American Carbon Registry in the United States to an anti-child labor project in Liberia and counter-trafficking work in Bangladesh. 2017-2019


Winrock celebrates entrepreneurs — and the renewable energy that fuels them. Nigeria, 2018


Hand holding a plant
Winrock is rooted in the land and the people who make their living from it. Agriculture is our origin story. Kenya, 2018

Aerial view of river
Winrock’s work in water security and transboundary cooperation has taken it to the Mara River Basin, which straddles the borders of Kenya and Tanzania. 2018

Mother holding baby
Winrock’s mission is to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity and sustain natural resources. Bangladesh, 2017


Winrock launched its new Core Values of accountability, equity, innovation, integrity and transformation in January 2020.