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Winrock International

Bikash Pandey

Director, Clean Energy & Circular Economy

Bikash Pandey is director of Clean Energy & Circular Economy at Winrock International. Winrock’s energy programs bring access to energy for the poor and increase clean electricity on the grid. Modern energy services are used to expand economic opportunity in rural areas and improve health care, education and living standards. Pandey’s work experience encompasses 20 years in policy review, design and implementation of a range of clean/renewable energy projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia. A technical specialist in micro- and mini-hydropower systems, he has designed and implemented numerous community-based electrification, clean transportation projects, small-scale mini-grids and home energy systems. He has extensive experience in developing small-scale renewable energy projects as activities under the Clean Development Mechanism. He also brings experience encouraging policy change within governments, bilateral and multilateral donors to support clean energy. He holds a master’s in energy and resources from the University of California at Berkeley, and a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from MIT.

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