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Winrock International

Lana Pyburn

Senior Director, Procurement

As Winrock International’s Senior Director of Procurement, Lana Pyburn is responsible for the overall compliance and operations of her unit. She provides ongoing leadership, supervision and guidance to the Procurement staff on policies and procedures; develops systems to ensure compliance; and monitors relations with vendors, funders and other third parties with mission-critical Winrock relationships. Working in collaboration with global Operations colleagues, she promotes procurement best practices, learns the needs of procurement staff at the project level and finds areas of broad need for institutional support. She also leads the Procurement Unit’s core competencies, supporting programs by developing tools and resources for global procurement which comply with Winrock’s policies, procedures and funder requirements.  Overseeing the procurement compliance review process for procurement requests, she endeavors to develop and implement processes that encourage competition, appropriate documentation and management of procurement data to meet funder and legal requirements.