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Winrock International

Vicki Malpass

Acting Senior Director, U.S. Programs

Vicki Malpass, Winrock’s acting senior director of U.S. Programs, leads a talented team that supports asset-based community and economic development in the rural mid-South through projects that improve quality of life and engender a sense of place. A Winrock employee for more than 15 years, her work includes fostering entrepreneurship and small business development programming that supports proof-of-concept, Main Street and high-tech businesses to increase economic growth. Malpass’s portfolio also includes the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, a dynamic makerspace that inspires the next generation of creatives with access to cutting-edge tech and arts facilities, training and education opportunities. She has helped design and launch entrepreneurship, economic and community development programs that serve diverse stakeholders. Prior to joining Winrock, Malpass worked as a registered sales assistant at Morgan Stanley offices in Washington, D.C. and in Little Rock, Ark., where she performed client service duties for a portfolio of clients with total net assets under management exceeding $100 million.

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