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Bloomberg Businessweek Features Winrock’s Work in Guyana

Forestry work highlighted in article on how to make rainforests profitable — without cutting them down.

An article in the May 16, 2019 Bloomberg Businessweek features Winrock’s work in Guyana. “How to Make Money Off Rainforests Without Cutting Them Down” describes Norway’s deal to pay Guyana $250 million to curb its deforestation.

“The money paid for, among other things, scientists from Winrock International to assist the Guyana Forestry Commission in developing a system for measuring the quantity of carbon stored by the country’s forest,” the article says.

Winrock has been working in Guyana for more than a decade, helping the nation preserve its trees by developing a satellite-detection-based approach to rapidly identify disturbances to forest cover.

For more on Winrock’s work in Guyana, read:

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