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Winrock International

COVID-19 precautions

As we prepare for the Conference, we have been reviewing and monitoring information on COVID-19 developments from the The Word Health Organization (WHO) & the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and state and local officials in Louisiana. The risk to the general public remains low with several recommended precautions.

We are putting precautions in place in alignment with CDC guidelines including:

What can you do?

The news of this disease outbreak is concerning to all of us, but especially impacts communities who have family or other close connections in China or the greater Asian continent. We should all do our part not to make assumptions by discriminating, spreading misinformation, or excluding individuals attending NGFN. Just because a disease originates within a certain area of the world does not mean that every person who has an association with that country is ill or has the potential to contract the virus.

Out of safety for everyone, we are asking the following individuals to not attend: