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Winrock International

Domestication of Agroforestry Trees in Southeast Asia – Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Research Reports – Special Issue, 1999

Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network (FACT Net)
Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development

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Table of Contents

National Agroforestry Tree Domestication Programs
Domestication activities in the Forest and nature Conservation and Development Center 1
Mien Kaomini and A. Ngaloken Gintings
The Indonesia Forest Seed Project, 1998-2001 4
Søren Moestrup
Tree domestication for agroforestry: research and development agenda for the University of the Philippines Los Baños 17
Wilfredo M. Carandang and Roselyn P. Furoc
Ecosystems research and Development Bureau’s experiences in tree domestication 21
Rafael T. Cadiz
Status and prospecrts of agroforestry tree domestication in the Visayas State College of Agriculture, Philippines 23
Eduardo O. Mangaoang
Multipurpose tree technologies for the Philippines uplands 27
Ruth S. Guzman
A forest genetic resources conservation and management project in Thailand: tree conservation versus tree
domestication 32
Anders P. Pedersen
Tree domestication and agroforestry in Malaysia 39
A.G. Ab. Rasip, M. Mohn. Noor, A.Y. Zuhaidi, and A.W.Mahmud
Domestication of agroforestry trees in Vietnam and their utilization in national programs of agroforestry development 46
Le Quoc Doanh
Domestication of agroforestry trees in Sri Lanka 49
H.P.M. Gunasena
Domestication of agroforestry trees in South China: current status and perspectives 54
Zeng Jie

International Agroforestry Tree Domestication Programs
Introduction to DANIDA Forest Seed Center 61
Søren Moestrup
Domestication of Australian tree species for agroforestry 64
Chris Harwood
Domestication of agroforestry trees: experiences of the Oxford Forestry Institute 73
Alan Pottinger
The contributions that Massey University and horticulture can make to the domestication of agroforestry trees 77
Bruce Christie and Mike Nichols

Tree Domestication for Smallholder Agroforestry Systems
Finding the alternative agroforestry tree species in connection with timber estate development in grassland and bushland
in West Kalimantan, Indonesia 85
Antti Otsama and I. G.K. Sumantri
Trees associated with rubber in rubber agroforestry systems 94
Eric Penot
Collecting baseline data on the ethnobotany of Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia 110
Donald E. Van Cooten
Domestication of indigenous and naturalized species for reforestation and agroforestry: issues and experiences in Nusa
Tenggara Timur, Indonesia 117
A.P.Y. Djogo
Agroforestry and food production in Bengkulu: a sustainable substitute for traditional slash-and-burn agriculture 129
Jonathan E. Zeiger
Tree domestication in Leyte and Bohol, Philippines: the farmers’ perspective 133
Anna Lawrence
Species diversity and tree farming in San Agustin, Sierra Bullones Bohol, Phillipines 138
William G. Granert and Conrado A. Brigoli
Farmer-managed germplasm production-diffusion pathways in Lantapan, Philippines 142
Samuel N. Koffa and James M. Roshetko
Tree domestication initiatives in Mt. Kitangland, Phillipines 151
Honorato G. Palis
Domestication of agroforestry trees: the Mindanao Baptist Rural Life Center experience in Bansalan, Davao Del Sur,
Philippines 155
Jeff Palmer
Tree domestication considerations for small-farm agroforestry in India 164
J.N. Daniel and N.G. Hegde

Tree Domestication Activities with Specific Species
Gnetum gnemon and its prospects in agroforestry 171
Income generation through rehabilitation on imperata grasslands: production of Vitex pubescens as a source of
charcoal 175
Rudijanta Utama, Donatus Rantan, Wil de Jong, and Setia Budhi
The sugar palm: unexploited potential for further domestication 185
Willie Smits and Widawati
Domestication of Acacia hybrids in Thailand 190
Somyos Kijkar
Domestication of Azadirachta excelsa: some aspects of propagation and cultivation 196
Kamis Awang and Nor Aini Abd Shukor
Reproductive biology and improvement of Artocarpus heterophyllus in Sri Lanka 203
D.K.N.G. Pushpakumara, A.J. Simons, and H.P.M. Gunasena

Impressions and Reports
Lesson learned and impressions from the Workshop on Domestication of Agroforestry Trees in Yogyakarta,
Indonesia 209
Afrodecio S. Pagulon
Working Group Reports 212
List of Participants 230
Specie Index 238