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ECO Games – Download

ECO Game: Northern Ghana
The ECO Game: Northern Ghana was designed to help improve sustainable community land use planning through the USAID’s Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (AgNRM) project. Two versions of the ECO Game: Northern Ghana are available for download, tailored to best suit the needs of different users:

ECO Game: Ghana Deforestation-Free Cocoa
In this version of the game, players interactively explore challenges and balance the tradeoffs associated with rehabilitating cocoa farms and maintaining forest cover in a landscape where land is scarce and where the boom-or-bust draw of gold mining offers short-term gains. The game materials can be downloaded here

ECO Game: Water Security
The ECO Game: Water Security is tailored to water security risks and needs in the Stung Chinit Basin, simulating experiences that these rural farming communities might face in ways they can quickly understand and relate to. The game materials can be downloaded here: