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Erythrina Production and Use

Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network (FACT Net)
Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development

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Foreword, Mark H. Powell and Sidney B. Westley iii

Acknowledgements, Mark H. Powell and Sidney B. Westley v

Introduction, Gerardo Budowski 1


1. Botany and ecology, David A. Neill 2

2. Establishment, Edgar Viquez and Yael’s Camancho 7

3. Trees with annual crops, Donald L. Kass, Stephen Rogers,
Leslie Cooperband and Pekka Nygren 12

4. Shade and support for perennial crops, Nancy Glover and
Reinhold Muschler 15

5. Live fenceposts, Edgar Viquez, Francisco Romero and
Gerardo Budowski 19

6. Fodder production and use, Danilo A. Pezo, Maria L.
Kass, Francisco Romero and Jorge Benavides 22

7. Other uses, Ricardo O. Russo, Susan Huke, Yael’s
Camacho, Enrique Acero, Nancy Barrera, Narayan Hegde,
Elizabeth McClintock, Miguel A. Musalem and Lori Payne 26

8. Pest and diseases, R. Miniappan 29

9. Seed collection, storage and genetic improvement, David
A. Neill 32


A. Species, sections and subgenera of Erythrina 35

B. Distribution of Erythrina species 38

C. Profiles of selected Erythrina species 40

D. Infrageneric classification of Erythrina 43

E. Seed and inoculant suppliers for Erythrina species 44

F. Authors 47

G. Selected references 49