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Winrock International

Financial and Economic Analyses of Agroforestry Systems: Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA – 1991

Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network (FACT Net)
Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development

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Foreword, Hans Gregersen ix
Acknowledgments xi
List of Contributors xiii
Executive Summary, D. Evan Mercer xv

Part I
Financial and Economic Analyses of Agroforestry
Systems: An Overview of the Case Studies,
Sara J. Scherr. 1

Part II
Group Themes on Important Topics in Financial and
Economic Analyses of Agroforestry Systems. 13

Financial and Ecomonic Analyses of Agroforestry Systems:
Highlights of Themes Discussed,
Kjell A. Christophersen. 15

Theme 1: Preparation for Economic and Financial
Analyses of Different Agroforestry Systems. 22

Theme 2: Methodology–Data Collection for the
Financial and Economic Analyses of Agroforestry
Systems: What to Measure and Why? 28

Theme 3: Use of Experiment Station and On-Farm Trial
Results for Economic and Financial Analyses of
Agroforestry Systems. 43

Theme 4: Market Analysis as a Part of Economic and
Financial Analyses of Agroforestry Systems. 46

Theme 5: Methods and Models for
Economic Analyses. 52

Key Questions for the Future, Paul Starr and
Kjell A. Christophersen. 64

Part III Case Studies, Critiques, and Invited Papers.73

A. Ex-ante Assessment of Agroforestry Development. 75

1. Economics of Agroforestry Systems, Marcelino Avila. 77

2. Population Density, Soil Erosion, and Profitability
of Alternative Land-Use Systems in the Tropics:
An Example in Southwestern Nigeria, Simeon K. Ehui. 95

Critique. 107

3. Comparison of Agroforestry Practices in Senegal
Using Financial Anaylsis, G. Edward Karch. 109

Critique. 125

4. A Framework for Economic Evaluation of Smallholder
Agroforestry: With Particular Reference to the
Semi-Arid Zone of West Africa, Timothy O. Williams. 127

B. Assessment of Management Options
for Agroforestry. 145

5. Optimum Fodder-Mulch Allocation of Tree Foliage
Under Alley Farming in Southwest Nigeria, M. A. Jabbar
and J. Cobbina. 147

6. Bio-economic Modeling of Agroforestry Systems:
A Case Study of Leucaena and Maize in Western Kenya,
T. H. Thomas, P. A. Wojtkowski, P. G. Bezkorowajnyj,
D. Nyamai, and R. W. Willis. 153

Critique. 172

7. Economic Evaluation of Agroforestry Systems of Cacao
(Theobroma cacao) with Laurel (Cordia alliodora) and Poro
(Erythrina poeppigiana) in Costa Rica,
H. H. von Platen. 174

Critique. 188

C. Economic Assessment of Agroforestry on Farms. 191

8. Economic Analysis of Living Fences in Central America:
Development of a Methodology for the Collection
and Analysis of Data with an Illustrative Example,
Carlos C. Reiche. 193

Critique. 206

9. Crop Losses and Their Economic Implications Due
to Growing of Eucalyptus on Field Bunds–A Pilot Study,
N. C. Saxena. 208

Critique. 220

10. Haitian Tree Farm Financial Case Studies,
Donald R. Street. 222

Critique. 238

D. Aggregate Economic Effects of Agroforestry
Practices. 241

11. Economic Analysis of Indigenous Agroforestry:
A Case Study on Pohnpei Island, Federated States
of Micronesia, William Raynor. 243

Critique. 259

12. Benefits, Costs, and Equity: Analysis of a
Social Forestry Site in Central Java,
William Sunderlin. 261

Critique. 271

13. Are Modern Agroforestry Practices Economically Viable?
A Case Study in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Jorge Uquillas,
Alvaro Ramirez, and Carlos Sere. 273

Critique. 293

A. Glossary. 297
B. Summary of Financial and Economic Criteria for
Investment Analyses. 308
C. Workshop Participants. 309