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Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Research Reports, Volume 1, 1996

Table of Contents

Section 1. Contributed papers about more than one genus

El Salvador
N. E. Navarette-Tindall and J. W. Van Sambeek
Symbiotic promiscuity of rhizobia strains from Gliricidia sepium on legumes native to El Salvador. p.1-9

J. N. Daniel
Management of short-duration perennials (Cajanus cajan, Sesbania sesban, and S. grandiflora) in Tamil Nadu, India. p.10-15

V. K. Mishra and N. Bhola
Growth and soil amelioration potential of some nitrogen fixing trees. p.16-20

Jeff F. Zimpfer and Jeffrey O. Dawson
Nodulation of Myrica cerifera, Leucaena leucocephala, and Casuarina cunninghamiana in Jamaica. p. 21-26

R. G. Ramírez and C. G. García
Nutrient profile and in situ digestion of forage from
Leucaena leucocephala and Acacia berlandieri. p. 27-31

Md. Giashuddin Miah, Dennis P. Garrity, and Miguel L. Aragon
Comparison of nutrient contents in different plant parts of three multipurpose tree species. p. 32-33

D. Asenga and R. Otsyina
Multipurpose tree and shrub seed pretreatment. p. 34-35

Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy and C. E. Harwood
Survival and early growth of Acacia species and Cassia siamea on hillside sites in southern Vietnam. p. 36-40

Section 2. Contributed papers about a single genus

O. P. Chaturvedi, A. N. Jha, and D. K. Das
Vegetative propagation of Acacia auriculiformis by stem cuttings. p. 41-44

Tjuk S. Hadi, Göran Ådjers, Antti Otsamo, and Risto Vuokko
Early growth of 27 Acacia mangium provenances on Imperata cylindrica grassland in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. p. 45-48

N. N. Pathak, P. K. Nigam, and D. P. Nema
Early growth of Acacia nilotica provenances under rainfed conditions in the semiarid tropics. p. 49-50

M. K. Hossain and M. Kamaluddin
Potting media effects on Albizia procera seedling growth. p. 51-54

L. Nshubemuki
Albizia species in Tanzania. p. 55-60

María Valdés and Roberto Cruz Cisneros
Root and stem nodulation of Casuarina in Mexico. p. 61 -65

Anil Kumar
Chemical control of Dalbergia sissoo seedling rot caused by Fusarium sp. p. 66-68

N. A. Amusa and I. Ezenwa
Colletotrichum causes stem and pod blights and leaf spot of Gliricidia sepium in southwestern Nigeria. p. 69-72

Blesilda M. Calub
Plant spacing and cutting affect yield and survival of young Gliricidia sepium hedgerows. p. 73-77

N. E. Navarrete-Tindall, J. W. Van Sambeek, and B. P. Klubek
Infectiveness and efficiency of Gliricidia sepium rhizobia strains from different elevations in El Salvador. p. 78-83

M. Bertalot, I. Guerrini, and E. Mendoza
Incidence of Trigona spinipes on Leucaena diversifolia in a Cerrado region. p. 84-85

L. A. Hauad, R. B. Ramírez, R. Foroughbakhch, and S. E. Uresti-Ramos
Nutrients and volatile fatty acids in Leucaena leucocephala. p. 86-89

R. S. K. Keerthisena and G. Gunawardana
Effect of cutting height and alley width on biomass production of Leucaena leucocephala in an alley cropping system. p. 90-92

Anil Kumar, G. R. Rao, and A. Dutta
Storage container and protectant effects on viability and microflora of Leucaena leucephala seeds. p. 93-96

A. C. Leal, M. A. Pavan, J. C. D. Chaves, M.T. Inoue, and C. W. Koheler
Effect of leucaena residues on soil acidity. p. 97-102

R. G. Ramírez, R. Foroughbakhch, L. A. Hauad, and S. E. Uresti-Ramos
Digestion of Leucaena leucocephala dry matter and crude protein. p. 103-106

Yiqun Lin and Michael R. Wagner
Regeneration of plantlets from axillary buds of Robinia neomexicana. p. 107-111

Y. Lin, M. R. Wagner, C. H. Seweyestewa, A. Honahni, M. DeGomez, and J. D. McMillin
Influence of cultural treatments on seed germination and seedling growth of Robinia neomexicana. p. 112-116

D. E. Scarbrough II and M. R. Wagner
Illustrated Robinia bud and leaf phenology. p. 117-120

B. van Baren and R. Z. Kendie
Effects of nitrogen application on seedling growth and nodulation in two Sesbania sesban provenances. p. 121-124

Cooperative Planting Program: Results from Network Trials. p. 125-126

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