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Winrock International

How We Work – Mission

Winrock International’s mission is to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity and sustain natural resources. It is central not only to what we do, but how we do it.

Winrock has a reputation of delivering excellence to the communities and people we serve around the globe. Both our Core Values and our Code of Conduct support how our people deliver on our mission. They provide a strategic and coordinated approach to how we work.

Our Core Values are the basis upon which our business and behavior are based, and our Code of Conduct serves as a collection of guiding principles that are an extension of our mission. The Code dictates how we conduct ourselves in performing the important work we do, and provides resources to help us make good, informed decisions and act on those decisions with integrity.

We take pride in living our Values and the principles of our Code in every interaction we have with beneficiaries, funders, subcontractors, vendors, and colleagues.