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Winrock International
Indonesian Prime Minister

Indonesian president calls for increased power generation; Winrock supports renewable efforts

Winrock International has joined the U.S. Power Working Group dedicated to helping Indonesia ramp up its power capacity, while supporting the island nation in its efforts to increase the supply of energy from renewable sources. Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced the country’s ambitious goal in April, with the additional production capacity essential to the Indonesia’s efforts to meet electricity demands as well as its targeted economic growth.

Organized by the Department of Commerce at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Winrock joins more than 45 of America’s most prominent energy companies, showcasing a broad range of cutting-edge technologies and equipment, proven technical and policy expertise, and innovative financing and engineering solutions. The working group is dedicated to supporting Indonesia to achieve its goal of developing an additional 35,000 megawatts of power generation capacity by 2019. Additionally, Indonesia hopes to increase the percentage of energy from renewable sources to 23 percent by 2025, which is where Winrock will play a significant role – lending its substantial renewable energy expertise. Six percent of Indonesia’s energy output came from renewable sources in 2013, and while that figure grew to 11 percent in 2014, there is still much progress to be made.

In over two decades in Indonesia’s renewable energy sector, Winrock has successfully increased rural access to energy; made improvements to policy frameworks and investment programs for renewable energy; introduced renewable energy options for livelihood and poverty alleviation; and built the capacity of NGOs, associations, private developers, and government agencies.

(Photo: U.S. Ambassador Robert Blake and Minister Sudirman Said for the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources shake hands at the launch event Sept. 2. Image courtesy of the Department of Commerce, U.S. Embassy in Jakarta.)