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Table of Contents

Section 1. Contributed Papers on the Leucaena Psyllid

Austin, M. T., M. J. Williams, A. C. Hammond, J. H. Frank,
and C. G. Chambliss. Florida leucaena psyllid trial (LPT). I. First year
establishment, yield, chemical composition and survival 3

Austin, M. T., M. J. Williams and J. H. Frank. Florida leucaena psyllid
trial (LPT). II. First year evaluation of psyllid damage 6

Chazeau, J., E. Bouye and L. Bonnet de Larbogne. Biological control of the
leucaena psyllid Heteropsylla cubana in New Caledonia 9

Lai Zhiqiang and R. A. Wheeler. Results from leucaena psyllid trial in
South China 10

Luego, Josephine N. Evaluation of twelve Leucaena species for psyllid
(Heteropsylla cubana Crawford) resistance 14

Vivekanandan, K. and G. D. Bandara. Leucaena species resistance to psyllid
(Heteropsylla cubana Crawford) in Sri Lanka 18

Wheeler, R. A. and J. L. Brewbaker. An evaluation of results from the
psyllid trial network 23

Section 2. Contributed Papers on Other Subjects


Hossain, S. N. and M. Hossain. Growth study of Leucaena
leucocephala compared to three native species in Bangladesh 35

Hossain, M. I. and M. H. Rahman. Initial report of feeding Leucaena
to domestic ruminants of Bangladesh 36


de Lucena Costa, N. and V. T. Paulino. Comparative performance of four
cultivars in an Ultisol 37

de Lucena Costa, N. and V. T. Paulino. Effect of liming and phosphorus
on growth, mineral composition, and nodulation of leucaena 39

de Lucena Costa, N. and V. T. Paulino. Response of leucaena to single and
inoculation with Rhizobium and mycorrhiza 42

de Lucena Costa, N. and V. T. Paulino. Response of leucaena to
mycorrhizal inoculation and phosphorus fertilization 45

Federal Republic of Germany

Schifino-Wittmann, M. T. and M. Schlegel. Isozyme patterns of Leucaena
Leucaena diversifolia and their hybrids selected for acid soil tolerance 47


Hundal, M., N, K, Bansal, G. L. Soni, V. K. Sareen and S. Singh. Effect of
feeding mimosine and 3/4-dihydroxypyridine on lipid profile and activity of

some enzymes in rats 50

Hussain, I. and A. N. Mathur. Evaluation leucaena cultivars on Class
IV land in India 53

Koul, V. K. The effect of soil beneath Leucaena leucocephala and its
decomposed leaves on germination of rice 54

Mallesha, B. C. and D. J. Bagyaraj. Reaction of Leuceana to single
versus dual inoculation with Glomus mosseae and/or Gigaspora margarita 56

Palchamy, A., R. Jambulingam, R. S. Vinaya Rai and C. Surendran. Effect of
population density on the growth of three Salvador type Leucaena
leucocephala cultivars 58

Singh, R. A., S. N. Tripathi and A. S. Gill. Production potential and
of high yielding forage crops under varying densities of leucaena 61

Venkateswarlu, B., G. R. Korwar and R. P. Singh. Nodulation N2ase activity
growth of Leucaena leucocephala as influenced by container size and
time of inoculation 62

Venkateswarlu, B., G. R. Korwar and R. P. Singh. Studies on nitrogen
and nutrient addition by Leucaena leucocephala in a Semi-arid Alfisol 65


Field, S. P. and S. S. OeMatan. The effect of cutting height and pruning
frequency of Leucaena leucocephala hedgerows on maize production 68

Komari, Ubaidillah and Dewi Sabita Slamet. Iron availability of leucaena
(fermented Leucaena seeds) 70


Hongo, F., S. Shiroma, Y. Kawashima, K. Sunagawa, Y. and S. Tawata.
Nutritive value of mimosine-reduced leucaena meal in rations for growing
pigs 72

Hongo, F., S. Shiroma, Y. Kawashima, K. Sunagawa, Y. Kawamoto, and S.
Effect of Leucaena tea on rats 74


Foroughbakhch, R. and L. A. Hauad. Response of Leucaena leucocephala K8,
K743 and other varieties to the extreme climatic conditions of
northeastern Mexico 76

Foroughbakhch, R. and L. A. Hauad. Comparative performance of fourteen
and varieties of Leucaena in northeastern Mexico 79

Guzman-Plazola, R. A., R. Ferrera-Cerrato, and J. D. Etchevers Barra.
of double inoculation with Glomus + Rhizobium on early adaptation of
Leucaena leucocephala on acid soils 81


Shakya, Ramesh. Leucaena leucocephala variety trial in Nepal 84

Neil, P. E. Estimates of wood biomass from Leucaena leucocephala and
a Leucaena hybrid 86


Cobbina, J. Effect of direct sun rays on growth of leucaena and gliricidia
seedlings in the nursery 88

Cobbina, J., G. O. Kolawole, and A. N. Atta-Krah. Leucaena and gliricidia
seed viability and germination as influenced by storage condition 91

Cobbina, J., K. Mulongoy, and A. N. Atta-Krah. Soil factors influencing
initial growth of leucaena and gliricidia in a Alfisol of southwestern
Nigeria 94

Ezenwa, I. V., and A. N. Atta-Krah. Initial growth and nodule development
leucaena and gliricidia 99

Ezenwa, I. V., A. N. Atta-Krah, and K. Mulongoy. Effects of different
frequencies on dry matter productivity, nodulation and root development
of Leucaena leucocephala and Gliricidia sepium 102

Nyawuame, H. G. K. and L. S. Gill. Epidermal morphology and ontogeny of
in Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit 104


Chaudhry, A. R. and K. Ahmad. Performance of leucaena cultivars under
irrigated conditions 107

People’s Republic of China

Liu Guodao. Performance of seven accessions of leucaena introduced to
China 109

Liu Guodao and Jiang Houming. Use of leucaena leaf to raise edible fungi
(Pleurotus ostreatus) 111

Liu Guodao and Wang Dongjing. Detoxication of leucaena juvenile shoot 112


Dudley, N. S. and R. V. Osgood. K636 growth performance and seed
in Hawaii 114

Friday, J. B. and K. S. Friday. Production of foliar biomass in hedgerows
the Philippines 115

Rosecrance, R. C. Leaflet drop in the leucaena genus 118

Sorensson, C. T. Relationships between seed abortion and pod length in
wide crosses 121

Sorensson, C. T. Shapes of pinnules of leucaena taxa and F1 species hybrids


Sorensson, C. T. and W. Sun. Production of leucaena hybrid seed without
emasculation 129

Stone, S. W. Volumetric growth in leucaena: An empirical investigation 133

Section 3. Book Reviews 136

Section 4. Sources of Leucaena Seed 137

Section 5. Subject Index 141