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Winrock International

Nitrogen Fixing Tree Research Reports, Volume 1, 1983

Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network (FACT Net)
Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development

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Turnbull, John w. and Peter N. Martensz. Temperatures for germination
tests of Casuarinas. p. 1

Dutt, A.K. and Urmila Pathania. Effect of gypsum and sulfur on the growth
and nodulation of Sesbania sesban seedlings in alkaline soils. p. 3
Dutt, A.K., Urmila Pathania and Vijay Kumar. Growth of Sesbania sesban. p. 5
Kumar, A. and H.K. Joshi. Occurence, incidence and appraisal of grey leaf spots on
Sesbania grandiflora. p. 7
Nimbkar, B.V. and N. Nimbkar. Some observations on Prosopis sp. collection in
India. p. 9

Calinawan, N.M. and Saturnina C. Halos. Shoot development, callus production
and root induction in Pterocarpus indicus (narra). p. 11
Quiniones, Sebastian S. Isolation and identification of rhizobia of leguminous trees
particularly fast-growing species used in reforestation in the Philippines. p. 12

Cable, W.J., J.A. Breen, T. Taogaga, A. Tacadao, A. Peters, A.B. Cahusac, and D.B.Williams.
Preliminary results of inter cropping nitrogen fixing trees with taro (Colocasia
esculenta) in Western Samoa. p.13
Newton, K. and P. Thomas. Role of NFTs in cocoa development in Samoa. p. 15

Diem, Hoang Gia, Daniel Gauthier and Yvon Rene Dommergues. Inoculation of
Casuarina using a pure culture of Frankia. p. 18

Herrera, M.A. and J. Olivares. Host interspecificity and hydrogenase activity in some
Rhizobium-legume tree symbiosis. p. 20

Chen, Z.Z., T.T. Wang, and J.C. Yang. Identification and natural hybridity of two
Casuarina species grown in Taiwan. p. 22
Cheng, T.Y., J.C.Yang and Z.Z. Chen. The early growth of two exotic Acacia species
in the middle-south of Taiwan. p. 23
Hu, T.W., WoE. Cheng and T.A. Shen. Growth of the seedlings of four leguminous tree
species in relation to soil pH in a pot test. p. 24

Anderson, D.M.W. New plantations of gum-bearing Acacia trees. p. 26
Bristow, Stephan. Propagation of Leucaena leucocephala by cuttings. p. 28
Hughes, Colin E. Tropical hardwoods especially for dry and arid zones. p. 30

Becker, Robert and R.M. Saunders. Stress tolerant crops from nitrogen
fixing trees. p. 32
Brewbaker, James L., Jake Halliday and Judy Lyman. Economically important
nitrogen fixing trees species. p. 35
Cheeke, P.R., M.P. Georger and G.H. Arscott. Utilization of black locust (Robinia
pseudocacia) by chicks. p. 41
Evans, Dale O. Sesbania flowering observations. p. 42
Evans, Dale O. Search for seed of Sesbania grandiflora. p. 43
Felker, Peter, Isidro Reyes and Dom Smith. Twig girdler (Oncideres, spp.) damage to Acacia,
Leucaena and Prosopis in the New World. p. 44
MacDicken, Kenneth G., and James L. Brewbaker. Wood volume prediction equations
for the early growth of selected nitrogen fixing fuelwood species. p. 46
McCluskey, Delbert N. Fisher. The effect of inoculum source on nodulation in
Casuarina glauca. p. 48
Meyer, D., R. Becker, H. Neukom and R.M. Saunders. Prosopis pods as a food
resource. p. 51