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Nitrogen Fixing Tree Research Reports, Volume 11, 1993

Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network (FACT Net)
Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development

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Table of Contents

Foreword iii

Section 1. Contributed papers involving several NFT genera

Cape Verde

Pasiecznik, N. M., F. M. A. Harris, and P. J. C. Harris.
Prosopis and Acacia species growth
and effects on soil fertility 1


Ding Ming-mao, Yi Wei-min, and Liao Lan-yu. Survey of
nodulation and nitrogenase activity of legume trees in the
forest of Dinghushan Biosphere Reserve 4


Bhatnager, Neelam, and D. C. Bhandari. Australian shrubs
for Indian deserts 6

Hooda, M. S., Raj Bahadur, and K. S. Bangarwa. Growth and
biomass yield of six multipurpose trees of arid and
semiarid India 8

Kumar, Ravi, Sushil Kumar, and R. R. Singh. Leaf nutrients
of multipurpose tree species of semiarid India 10

Maikhuri, R. K. Evaluation of multipurpose trees in Garhwal
Himalaya, India 11

Pancholy, A. Azide resistance in arid-zone-tree-legume
rhizobia 14

Puri, Sunil, and Anil Kumar. Growth of indigenous and
exotic trees in arid Haryana 16


Krecik, S. G., D. O. Lantagne, M. A. Gold., and J. M.
Roshetko. Cutting management of Leucaena leucocephala,
Calliandra calothyrsus, and Gliricidia sepium for fodder
production 18

Roshetko, J. M., D. O. Lantagne, and M. A. Gold. Evaluation
of direct-seeded tree species in a Jamaican pasture 22


Rodriguez, M. M. N., and R. Ferrera-Cerrato. Rhizobium
strain selection for Leucaena leucocephala and
Acacia constricta 26


Halenda, C. J., and S. P. Ting. Performance of three legume
tree species on degraded acidic soils 29


Athar, Mohammad. Nodulation status of some legume trees of
Pakistan 32

Paupa New Guinea

Brook, R. M. Alley cropping for sweet potato in Papua New
Guinea 35


Braza, Ricardo D. Apanteles sp.: New potential parasitoid
of yellow butterfly larvae 40

Miah, Md. Giashuddin, Dennis P. Garrity, and Miguel L.
Aragon. Weight loss, nitrogen content changes, and
nitrogen release during decomposition of legume
tree leaves on and in the soil 43

Sri Lanka

Liyanage, M. de S., and T. Ranasinghe. Shade tolerance of
three multipurpose tree species 51


Rathert, G., and O. Werasopon. Growth of multipurpose tree
species in Thailand. 53

Section 2. Contributed Papers Involving one NFT Genus


Braza, Ricardo D. Potentially destructive defoliator pest
of Acacia auriculiformis 57

Braza, Ricardo D. Slug caterpillars attack Acacia mangium
in the Philippines 60


Hossain, Md. A.A. Early growth of Albizia odoratissima in
Bangladesh 62

Kumar, N., and O. P. Toky. Variations in pod and seed size
among Albizia lebbeck provenances 64


de Lucena Costa, Newton, and Valdinei Tadeu Paulino.
Phosphorus levels and sources affect growth, nodulation,
and chemical composition of pigeonpea 68


Braza, Ricardo D. A new bettle pest of Calliandra
calothyrsus in the Philippines 71


Iqbal, Muhammad, Mohammad Athar, and Ashraf H. Chaudhary.
Nitrogen fixation by actinorhizal root nodules of
Casuarina glauca 73


Bangarwa, K. S., V. P. Singh, and Sunil Puri. Seed
collectionin Dalbergia sissoo 76


Batzli, J. M. Nodulation of Dussia macroprophyllata 78


Bandara, B. D. R. A. M. S., and H. K. A. S. Chandana. Seed
treatment effects on Erythrina indica germination 79


Brennan, E. B. Field performance of grafted seedless
leucaena 81

Buranasilpin, P., S. Pattanavibul, and S. Tanpanich.
Leucaena seed production orchard in Thailand 84

Francis, John K. Leucaena leucocephala established by
direct seeding in prepared seed spots under difficult
conditions 91

Lai, Z., Bob Wheeler, and Jiakai Su. Yield and chemical
content of six leucaenas in south China 94

Pudivitr, J., C. Jordao, and J. P. Muir. Leucaena
leucocephala establishment in semi-arid conditions:
Planting methods, inoculation, and fertilization 97

Ravindra, P., and D. J. Bagyaraj. The least number of VA
mycorrhizal propagules required for optimum symbiotic
response in Leucaena leucocephala 100

Reynolds, L., and S. Bimbuzi. The leucaena psyllid in Coast
Province, Kenya 103


Ladipo, D. O., B. T. Kang., and M. J. Swift. Nodulation in
Pentaclethra macrophylla, a multipurpose tree of the
humid lowlands of West Africa with potential for
agroforestry 104


Pancholy, Rakesh, and P. C. Mali. Ensiling Prosopis
cineraria with Pennisetum typhoides 106


Bencat, Tibor. Heavy metal content of Robinia pseudoacacia
leaves in southern Slovakia 109

Mir, N. A., and N. A. Masudi. Nitrogen application effects
on black locust growth 112

Rohm, M., and D. Werner. Robinia pseudoacacia-Rhizobium
symbiosis: Isolation and characterization of a
fast-nodulating and efficient nitrogen fixing
Rhizobium strain 115

Schafers, B., and D. Werner. Nodulation of Robinia
pseudoacacia by two Rhizobium strains 121


Huancheng, Ma, and Zeng Jueming. Effect of Tephrosia
candida on soil 127

NFTA Cooperative Planting Program: results from network
trials 129

Index 134

Guidelines for authors 136

Invitation to join NFTA 137