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Winrock International

Nitrogen Fixing Tree Research Reports, Volume 12, 1994

Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network (FACT Net)
Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development

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Table of Contents

Section 1. Contributed papers involving several NFT genera


Kaushik, J.C., and K.S. Bangarwa. Gandoderma root rot – a
threat to leguminous trees 1

Manaturaginmath, B.B. Early growth of multipurpose tree
species in degraded forests of Karnataka, India 3

Odongo, J.C.W., C.K. Ong, and M.M. Sharma. Gliricidia
sepium and Cajanus cajan in alley cropping systems 6


Ezenwa, I.V. Cutting management influence on ash contents
of leucaena and gliricidia leaves 10

Ezenwa, I.V. Effect of tree cutting management on fodder
and wood yields and persistence of grass in
tree-grass pastures 13

People’s Republic of China

Ding Ming-mao, Wang Zuo-ming, Yi Wei-min, and Yu Zuo-yue.
Characteristics and effectiveness of tree
legume rhizobia 18

Street, Donald. Financial returns from Haitian tree
plantings 21

Section 2. Contributed papers involving one NFT genus


Athar, Mohammad. Temperature tolerance of indigenous
rhizobia isolated from Acacia nilotica in Pakistan 25

Kunhamu, T.K., B. Mohan Kumar, P.K. Assif, and C.N.
Jayadevan. Litter yield and decomposition under
Acacia auriculiformis 29

Manaturagimath, B.B. Early growth of multipurpose
Australian acacias in degraded forest areas of the Western
Ghats, Karnataka, India 33

Xu Yingbao and Wang Hongfeng. Introduction and utilization
of Acacia in China 37

Jing Yuan-Xiao and Mo Ximu. Nodulation and nitrogen
fixation in seedling Acacia species 42


Bhardwaj, S.D., Dinesh Kumar, and Y.S. Parmar. Time of
sowing influences Albizia chinensis and A. lebbeck
seedling growth 44

Kumar, Sushil, Darshan Singh, and Ravi Kumar. Impact of
Albizia lebbeck on soil physical properties 47


Miettinen, P.M. The occurrence of Frankia in precipitation
and on the cones of Alnus acuminata 49


de la Pena, Fe A., Asuncion K. Raymundo, and Mercedes U.
Garcia. Bacteria antagonistic to damping-off fungi of Casuarina
equisetifolia in vitro 51


Aghatise, Osagie Victor, and Rachael Kehinde Egharevaba.
Response of Dialium guineense to pregermination treatments 54


Bangarwa, K.S., V.P. Singh, and R.S. Sangwan. Breeding
system in Dalbergia sissoo 57

Daniel, J.N., and N.G. Hegde. Growth of Dalbergia sissoo in
avenue and block plantings 60


Chauhan, J., Vidya Thakur, and R.N. Sehgal. Effects of soil
moisture and weeding on establishment of
Elaeagnus umbellata 65


Ortiz, R.A., and O. Fernandez. Flemingia establishment
methods for weed control on drain slopes in oil
palm plantations 68


Ayoade, J.A., S.N. Carew, and A.A. Wuanor. Performance of
weaner rabbits fed Gliricidia sepium 72

Lawrence, A., T.D. Pennington, R.A. Zuniga, M. Micas, and J.
Zuleta. Early growth in Inga species in central and
South America 74


Adedire, M.O., and S.O. Bada. Alley cropping maize and okra
with leucaena 80

Banerjee, K., N. Mukherjee, and D.C. Khatua. Biology and
control of Geotrichum sp., a wilt pathogen of
Leucaena leucocephala 83

Castillo, A.C., and H.M. Shelton. Psyllid resistance,
growth, and biomass production of Leucaena accessions
in Queensland, Australia 85

Castillo, A.C., H.M. Shelton, and R.A. Wheeler. Scope for
selecting Leucaena leucocephala X L. pallida hybrids for
psyllid resistance and high forage quality 90

Hammond, A.C., M.J. Allison, E.J. Bowers, H.M. cook, and
M.J. Williams. Effect of arginine on inoculation with
ruminal DHP-degrading bacteria for cattle fed leucaena 96

Hossain, T., M. Hossain, S.K. Roy, and S.N. Hossain. BAP-
sucrose for in vitro multiplication of
Leucaena leucocephala 100

Samuel, Yvonne, Steve Jones, and Peter Gosling. Benlate and
Captan fungicide effects on seed germination of
Leucaena salvadorensis and L. leucocephala 103

Sareen, V.K., Neeru, and S. Singh. Effect of feeding
leucaena to buffalo calves on the activity of some blood
enzymes and thyroid hormones 107

Sharma, U.S., S. Sharma, S.D. Sharma, S.D. Upadhyaya, and
P.K. Nigam. Seed dormancy in relation to pod maturity of
Leucaena leucocephala 111

Xu Yingbao and Wang Hongfeng. Introduction and development
of Leucaena leucocephala in Guangdong Province 114


Sen, Sunita, V.K. Gupta, and L.N. Bhardwaj. In vitro and in
vivo control of robinia wilt using soil microbes 117

Thakur, R.C., and A.N. Kaushal. Effect of age and diameter
on pulp and paper quality of Robinia pseudoacacia 122

Thakur, R.C., and A.N. Kaushal. Variation in mechanical
strength properties of Robinia pseudoacacia wood 127


Hossain, M., M.Z. Abedin, and S.N. Hossain. Estimation of
growth and wood characteristics of two Sesbania grandiflora
varieties 131

Luyindula, N., and I Haque. Early nodulation, growth, and
nitrogen fixation in Sebania species as affected by phosphorus, nitrogen,
rhizobia inoculation in a Vertisol 134


Baker, Dwight D., and Florencia Montagnini. Estimation of
nitrogen fixation by the tropical legume tree
Stryphnodendron microstachyum 139

NFTA Cooperative Planting Program: Results from Network
Trials 142

Index 149

Guidelines for Authors 151