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Nitrogen Fixing Tree Research Reports, Volume 13, 1995

Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network (FACT Net)
Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development

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Table of Contents

Section 1. Contributed papers involving several NFT genera


Veasey, E. A., O. A. A. Ghisi, M. A. Cardelli, and D. A. Beisman
Evaluation of shrub and tree legumes in Brazil 1


Roshetko, J. M., G. G. Tucker, Nyoman Oka, Satiah Kamil Agung
Wibowo, I Wayan Tambun, and W. Morkill Multiple-site trial of
trees for hedgerow intercropping in Indonesia 6


Desmond, D.
Calliandra calothyrsus and Gliricidia sepium seedling growth
response to phosphorus and soil acidity 10

Section 2. Contributed papers involving one NFT genus


Braza, Ricardo D.
Pests related to pruning branches of Acacia mangium 16

Braza, Ricardo D.
Pinhole beetle infestation of Acacia mangium logs 18

Puri, Sunil, and Manu Jain
Callus induction in explants of Acacia catechu 19

Otsamo, A., and G. Adjers
Early growth of five Acacia species on Imperata cylindrica
grassland 23

Vesa, Lauri, and Antti Otsamo
Volume equations for Acacia crassicarpa 27


Ginwal, H. S., Mohit Gera, and Syam Vishwanath
Fertilizer effects on growth and nodulation of Albizia
procera seedlings 32


Gogate, M. G., and V. S. Joshi
Growth of Casuarina equisetifolia and C. cunninghamiana in
the Western Ghats, India 36

Hossain, M. K., S. A. Islam, and Q. N. Islam
Casuarina cunninghamiana and C. equisetifolia provenance
trial in Bangladesh 38

Merwin, Miles L., Jeanne A. Martin, and Robert D. Westfall
Growth and frost tolerance of Casuarina cunninghamiana in
California, USA 41


Gardezi, Abdul Khalil, R. Garcia Espinosa, R. Ferrera
Cerrato, and C.A. Pérez Mercado
Endomycorrhiza, rock phosphate, and organic matter effects
on growth of Eythrina americana 48

Kettler, James S.
A new insect pest of Erythrina poeppigiana in
Costa Rica 51


Foroughbakhch, R., L.A. Hauad, M. H. Badii, and C. Dupraz
Alimentary value of Gleditsia triacanthos seeds 54

Foroughbakhch, R., L.A. Hauad, C. Durpraz, R. Cordesse, and
M.H. Badii
Pod yield of 16 accessions of Gleditsia triacanthos 58


Keerthisena, R.S.K.
Gliricidia sepium biomass production varies with plant row
spacing and cutting height 60


Akinnifesi, F.K., B.T. Kang, and H. Tijani-Eniola
Root size distribution of a Leucaena leucocephala hedgerow
as affected by pruning and alley cropping 65

Banerjee, K., D.C.Khatua, K.K. Hajra, and N. Mukherjee
Biology and control of Geotrichum sp., wilt pathogen of
Leucaena leucocephala 70

Kang, B.T., and A.A. Fayemilihin
Alley cropping maize with Leucaena leucocephala 72

Kintomo, A.A., A.A. Agboola, and H.J.W. Mutsaers
Weed control effects of mulch from prunings of Leucaena
leucocephala and Senna siamea 75

Natarajan, K., and Kailash Paliwal
Photosynthesis by Leucaena leucocephala during water
stress 79

Paulino, Valdinei Tadeu, Marcia Atauri Cardelli de Lucena,
Newton de Lucena Costa, and Maria Jose Valarini
Potassium fertilization affects growth, nodulation, and
mineral composition of Leucaena leucocephala 84


Tanyi, Enoch N.
Loss of cotyledons reduces survival of Pentaclethra
macrophylla seedlings 87


Pasiecznik, N.M., M.T. Vera-Cruz, and P.J.C. Harris
Prosopis juliflora withstands extreme aridity and goat
browsing in the Republic of Cape Verde 89


Kumar, Anil, and G.R. Rao
Seed storage container and protectant effects on viability
and seed microflora of Sesbania sesban 92

NFTA Cooperative Planting Program: Results from Network
Trials 96

Index 101

Guidelines for Authors 102

Invitation to Join the FACT Net 103