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Nitrogen Fixing Trees for Fodder

Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network (FACT Net)
Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development

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1. Nitrogen fixing trees for fodder production, James M. 1
Roshetko and Ross C. Gutteridge

2. Fodder tree establishment, James M. Roshetko and Ross C. 7

3. Selecting species of nitrogen fixing fodder trees, James 10
M. Roshetko, J.C. Dagar, Sunil Puri, D.Y. Khandale,
P.S. Takawale, G. Bheemaiah, and Narayan C. Basak

4. Fodder production systems, R.T. Paterson, Joshua Daniel, 25
G.R. Korwar, P.S. Pathak, M. De S. Liyanage, Mila G.
Ejercito, Roland Lesseps, Soulivanh Novaho, Takashi
Kato, A.S. Gill and A.N.F. Perera

5. Nutritive value and animal production from fodder trees, 45
B.W. Norton and M.R Alam

6. Problems and constraints with fodder trees, Tony Oude 55
Hengel, Asim K. Biswal, Francis A. Xavier and R.V.

7. Seed collection and multiplication, Ross C. Gutteridge, 61
Janet Stewart, H.P.N. Gunasena, F.B. Patil, P.K. Mutty
and N.N. Pathak

A. Seed and Inoculant Suppliers 67
B. Authors 70
C. Selected References 75
D. Species FACT Sheets: Nitrogen Fixing Fodder Trees 81