Ashshash Phase II: For Men and Women Who Have Escaped Trafficking

The Ashshash Phase II project builds on key lessons from Ashshash Phase I, expanding important local partnerships to support delivery of a more comprehensive and personalized package of services to survivors of human trafficking in Bangladesh. The Ashshash Phase II team will achieve by continuing to collaborate and strengthen institutional capacity to manage cases and provide trauma-informed and better-adapted services. The geographic scope of Ashshash Phase II will expand to 10 districts to reach a total of 6,000 trafficking survivors with direct assistance. The team will continue working with communities, the media and government to raise community awareness about human trafficking and related challenges, and to promote survivor identification, ease reintegration and integrate gender equity and climate resilience into programming.

Funder: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Project Start: 06/01/2023
Project End: 05/31/2027