USAID’s Fight Slavery and Trafficking-in-Persons (FSTIP) Activity in Bangladesh: Focus on Prosecution, Prevention, Protection, and Partnerships

Project Title: USAID’s Fight Slavery and Trafficking-in-Persons (FSTIP) Activity

Human trafficking is a major problem in Bangladesh, which is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women and children trafficked into forced labor, commercial sexual exploitation, child marriage and other abusive situations. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated vulnerabilities to trafficking, exploitation, and child marriage, as widespread loss of livelihood opportunities and employment, restrictions on legal migration channels, and reduced access to survivor services increased the complexities of identifying and preventing human trafficking, exploitation, and child marriage. USAID’s Fight Slavery and Trafficking-in-Persons (FSTIP) activity works in 25 Bangladesh districts through collaboration with national, regional and local governments, survivor service provider networks, legal rights groups, civil society organizations, and committed partners. The goal: reducing vulnerability to trafficking-in-persons, child marriage and related exploitation through the “4Ps” approach:
1) Prosecution; 2) Prevention; 3) Protection; and 4) Partnership.

Funder: USAID/Bangladesh
Project Start: 07/01/2021
Project End: 06/30/2026