Helping Children Prosper

Project Title: Promoting Sustainable Practices to Eradicate Child Labour in Tobacco (PROSPER) Umoja

In Tanzania, children in tobacco-producing areas are far too commonly engaged in child labor. PROSPER Umoja (Swahili for “unity”) is a two-year program designed to reduce child labor in agriculture by implementing and supporting prevention, withdrawal and protection activities in tobacco-growing areas. The program also aims to improve access to quality education and economic improvement, and create lasting political and social change.  Building upon the successes and lessons learned from PROSPER and PROSPER Plus, the project will develop an inclusive, scalable and replicable model for reducing child labor in alignment with the priorities laid out in the Government of Tanzania’s National Action Plan.

Funder: ECLT Foundation
Project Start: 03/01/2018
Project End: 02/29/2020