USAID Upper Lempa Watershed Project

Project Title: USAID Upper Lempa Watershed Project

The USAID Upper Lempa Watershed Project will improve the health and resilience of the Upper Lempa watershed, directly impacting the well-being and water security of 180,000 people in nine municipalities in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, setting the foundation for water resources management essential to millions of people who depend on the Lempa River and its connected transboundary ecosystems. The Water Security Improvement (WSI) process was developed under USAID’s Sustainable Water Partnership (SWP). It will guide collaborative planning and evidence-based decision-making by municipal, national, and transboundary institutions and their constituents, private sector actors, and civil society organizations towards practical solutions to address man-made and climaterelated water security risks impacting economic prosperity and well-being of communities, threatening ecosystem health, and exacerbating gender and social dynamics underpinning violence, crime and migration.

Funder: USAID
Project Start: 03/29/2022
Project End: 03/28/2027