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Winrock International

Legacy Project

Innovate Arkansas VI

Though the bulk of Winrock’s programs are outside the United States, we are committed to improving lives in our home state of Arkansas by boosting the state’s competitiveness in the increasingly important high-tech economy. To do that, we work with technology inventors and entrepreneurs to smooth the often difficult journey from raw idea or insight to viable commercial enterprise. Innovate Arkansas helps scale Arkansas ventures through three key focuses: Acceleration, Capital, and Talent. Innovate Arkansas has helped more than 750 companies add more than 1,000 jobs while raising $403.8 million in investments and generating $389.4 million in revenue.

Innovate Arkansas V

Funder: Arkansas Economic Development Commission

Project Timeline: January 1, 2008 - September 30, 2023

Country: United States

Program Areas: U.S. Programs , Access to Finance, Market Systems and Entrepreneurship

Project Goals

Innovate Arkansas has helped more than

800 companies add more than 6,000 jobs

Since 2008, our clients have

raised more than
$473.6M in investments

Since 2008, our clients have

generated more than $939M in operating revenues