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Volunteering with Winrock

Selyna Buie, Winrock Agriculture Volunteer Programs Recruiter

Its National Volunteer Week! This week we celebrate all the great work volunteers do around the world to build up communities by dedicating their skills, time and energy. We are also taking the time to look towards the future and all the great opportunities that can still be met. 

Since 1991, Winrock has fielded over 6,200 skilled professionals as volunteers on development programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eurasia, impacting thousands of people worldwide. Winrock continues to seek volunteers with a wide range of experience, including but not limited to:

Technical areas: agribusiness, entrepreneurship, marketing, international trade, food processing, access to credit, farming, agricultural sciences, nutrition, livestock development, natural resource management, community development, renewable energy, gender, education and training, engineering, and information communications technologies.

General capacity building: business planning, organizational development, management, finance and administration, human resource development, and fundraising.

Under our current West Africa Farmer to Farmer program the following countries have open opportunities:


Business Planning to Secure Financing

ToT on Leadership and Organizational Development


AET Institutional Assessment and Action Plan Development- FCAHPT Ibadan

Building Faculty Pedagogical Skills to Effectively Deliver AET Curricula

Training-the-Trainers Workshop in Self-Assessment and Improvement for Universities

Building Capacity to Monitor and Evaluate Learner Success and Institutional Effectiveness


Enriched Flour Production and Value-Added Flour Product Development

ToT on Soap Making with Agriculture products for ANAMO

Packaging, Labeling and Marketing of Processed Products

With many more to come over the next five years!

If you are interested in gaining new cultural experiences, sharing your expertise with an international audience and creating lifelong memories and friends please visit our website to apply.

You, too, can volunteer to make a difference.