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Volunteer Post

A hopeful atmosphere for a better future

Today’s blog post comes from Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Ilan Bar, who just returned from his assignment in Senegal:

“It was a pleasure and very satisfying assignment to train teachers and their students on drip irrigation at the Horticulture Initiation Center of Saint Louis, Senegal, a public education institution that provides training and know-how to youth, professionals and smallholder farmers in the field of fruit and vegetable production, floriculture and entrepreneurship.

The devotion and commitment of the faculty staff and management, as well as of the students, to learn and improve was very encouraging and created a very pleasant and hopeful atmosphere for a better future.

In spite of daily hardships and obstacles, the participation of all attendees was exiting, to the degree that even on a holiday, we had a full house!

I believe these guys deserve any help they can get. Looking forward to stay in touch!”

–Ilan Bar

The photos below show Ilan and training participants in action: