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Volunteer Post

A Positive and Unique Experience

Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Vince Bailey recently returned from his assignment in Bangladesh. He shares his first impressions below:

My time volunteering with Winrock in Dhaka, Bangladesh was amazing. The staff at the Winrock office in Dhaka, Bangladesh were so very friendly and hospitable. The office staff always made sure I was comfortable and given necessary means to fulfill my research. Those who I worked beside in the field were very much appreciative of my time and help for their country.

I enjoyed the local people of Bangladesh a lot. The local people are so friendly. It seems like you don’t meet a stranger here. I would definitely volunteer with Winrock in Bangladesh again given the chance. I would also highly recommend anyone who is able to help in any type of research program with Winrock Bangladesh to do just that. You will have a positive and unique experience not only in your volunteering but in Bangladesh as a whole.

Two thumbs up!

[Thanks Vince!]