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Celebrating International Volunteer Day

Jen Snow

It’s International Volunteer Day! Today we send extra thanks and appreciation to the nearly 2,500 Winrock volunteers who have given their time and expertise over the years.

Demetria Arvanitis, Winrock’s Managing Director of Volunteer Technical Assistance, published a blog last week in the Huffington Post, highlighting how volunteers can change lives (including their own)! Check out the article via the link below:

What can you do today, in honor of International Volunteer Day? Here are three simple ideas:

  • Sign up to volunteer! (check out Winrock’s current volunteer openings at )
  • Share this Winrock Volunteers blog ( or the Huffington Post blog entry (above) with your network, to inspire others to get out and volunteer!
  • Send us your thoughts/stories from your volunteer experience(s) –and we’ll include it in a future blog post. (email Your stories help us continue to inspire new volunteers!

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