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Volunteer Post

Green Empowerment: How FUMA-HG and Winrock International Revitalize Guinea’s Horticulture and Champion Inclusion

Danika Lam

The story of the Federation of Horticulture Union in Upper Guinea Kankan (FUMA-HG) and its impact on empowering individuals, including those with disabilities, through horticulture is truly inspiring. It highlights the importance of sustainable agricultural practices and the transformative effect they can have on communities, particularly in regions facing economic challenges. 


The success of FUMA-HG can be attributed to its determination, dedication, and collaboration with organizations like Winrock, which provide valuable support and expertise through initiatives like Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer assignments. By focusing on areas such as agricultural extension and training, horticultural product processing, and cooperative improvements, FUMA-HG has not only enhanced its members’ skills and productivity but also promoted the overall development of Guinea’s horticulture industry. F2F volunteers have contributed to FUMA-HG’s efforts by providing training on seed production techniques, agroecology, and phytosanitary safety. Greater knowledge and advanced skills in these areas have enabled FUMA-HG members to become more efficient and self-sufficient while also reducing expenses on inputs, ultimately improving their income and livelihoods. 

In addition to this training, partnerships with various organizations like Winrock have opened the door to new opportunities and resources for FUMA-HG members, enabling them to specialize in seed production, organic fertilizers, and other areas. The resulting boost in the organization’s productivity and food security has fostered a more prosperous environment for all its members, including those with disabilities. 

The only choice for disabled people in Guinea is begging or staying at home doing nothing. I’m a father, I refuse to be dependent. That’s why I prefer to be a member of FUMA-HG and work in the fields to feed my family.”

FUMA-HG member Mamady Kaba

By creating opportunities for individuals to engage in meaningful work and contribute to their families and communities, FUMA-HG is breaking the barriers that have limited the options available to people with disabilities in Guinea.