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Volunteer Post

International Women’s Day

Jen Snow

It’s International Women’s Day!

Looking back on all of the great work our volunteers have done with women around the world, one of the programs that stands out in our minds is our USAID-funded Partnership for Safe Poultry (PSPK) program in Kenya, which, like our other Farmer-to-Farmer programs, fielded US volunteers to provide training and assistance to farmers, agribusinesses, government agencies, and others. Though the PSPK program has ended, the impacts are still apparent.

45 volunteers came to Kenya to provide training and technical assistance on improved poultry production… and as a result, thousands of newly empowered women strengthened their livelihoods, for the good of their whole family. One training participant, Alice Pius Makau, exclaimed:

“I am not afraid of my children sleeping hungry anymore, because I have enough food for them, all of the time. The money I get from chicken sales helps me to buy the food that I do not grow on the farm. I also have a constant supply of meat and eggs for my family’s protein nutrition.”

Likewise, another training participant explained:

“My earning an income from chicken has reduced tensions that were there in the family because of lack of enough money. Now we are able to manage through tough times, because there is at least money to buy something to eat.”

Another woman, inspired by PSPK volunteer training to set up a new poultry rearing and poultry vaccination business, explained:

“I realized there was great untapped business potential for me in this area. Currently, it appears like the whole district depends on me for vaccination. Government officers always refer farmers to me. Before PSPK, I was not keeping chicken, but now I have about 100 chickens!”

We are constantly inspired by these stories.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who have worked so tirelessly to benefit the lives of women (and men) all around the world. Happy International Women’s Day!