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Volunteer Post

Lasting Legacies

Jen Snow

Last week we ended a five-year phase of our Farmer-to-Farmer program in Mali and Nigeria. During this time of transition, F2F staff and volunteers are all reflective of the work that we have done in the last five years and of the relationships formed and lives transformed, both for the developing country beneficiaries as well as for the volunteers.

Here are some poignant reflections from our volunteers and local organizations:

  • “I have enjoyed working with the whole staff [in Mali]. I think you all can be proud of the development progress you have made in Mali. It is my feeling that Mali has moved forward in food security and agricultural with help from F2F volunteers.” volunteer Jerry Nolte
  • “We at Tee Ess Integrated Farms Nigeria Limited cannot thank the entire Winrock family for the unquantifiable knowledge you and the volunteers impacted. We are not only now successfully registered with USA FDA to export smoked fish to the US,
    but I am currently in Canada on my way to Atlanta tomorrow and Houston next week
    to meet with some smoked fish distributors on business collaboration. You made
    all of this happen. Thanks a million.” –Tuned Sanni, F2F host organization in Nigeria
  • “It is always a privilege and an honor to work with Winrock and people in Nigeria and other developing nations to help you put food on your table and feed the world. I can’t think of anything else I would rather do. Thanks for the opportunity to serve in the past, and I hope there will be other opportunities in the future.” –volunteer Joe Sullivan
  • “A heartfelt congratulations on your 5 year effort and achieving such great results for the people of Mali! From the time I spent with your [Winrock] staff in Bamako as a volunteer, you and your group are one of the best in all my travels. It is a difficult political and operating environment, still you accomplished much. In my view, programs like Winrock and F2F are far and away the best use of American foreign aid dollars and the best way to bring prosperity to countries like Mali.” –volunteer Michael Lowery

Each volunteer has left a lasting legacy in these countries. We are grateful for the service and committment each one has given!

Stay tuned for updates Winrock’s new focus areas and country programs for the next five years of F2F…