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Volunteer Post

My Volunteer Experience in Guinea

Abdoulaye Bella Diallo

Through Winrock, West Africa Farmer-to-Farmer, I got to know a US volunteer, Mrs. Janet Buresh who I found full of experience and patience. Together we developed the different training tools (guide, PowerPoint support) and shared the roles. She made specific interventions that were very welcome to complete some comments, to share her experiences or to suggest some techniques to better convey the content of the training on Financial Literacy, Research and Credit Management for youth entrepreneurs.

As a former bank employee with more than 25 years of experience in the field, I found the American volunteer steeped in experience. She is an expert in financial literacy, knowledge of banking institutions and loan decision-making; in addition, she is very competent in engineering training. In the end, she knows very well how to work remotely with a local volunteer, by providing advice and by intervening whenever it is necessary to complete.

So, I would like to congratulate the Country Representative of Winrock International and his team, who were able to identify the right people to carry out this training, and who knew how to manage their working relationships: mutual knowledge, organization of virtual meetings, sharing of experiences and preparation of materials, realization of the training, etc. all in the atmosphere, solidarity, and mutual respect.