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National Volunteer Week: What’s your story?

Points of Light, which spearheads National Volunteer Week, asks, “What’s your story?”…

… so we asked our Volunteer Technical Assistance (VTA) team this very question. The VTA team is responsible for recruiting qualified volunteers and implementing Winrock’s volunteer programs around the world. What we confirmed was that volunteerism is a value and a focus in the team’s professional AND personal lives. And it’s fun!

Program Associate/Recruiter Jennifer Robinson volunteers with Rock City Rescue as a foster mom for dogs and a volunteer at Rock City’s fundraising events. She also raised over $1700 for Puppy Up!, to raise awareness about canine cancer. “I volunteer because it makes me feel good. I’m honestly happy knowing that I continue to make a difference,”she explains. “I think volunteering, making the world a little better, is absolutely the right thing!”

Program Manager Melanie Berman has volunteered for the Little Rock Sister Cities Commission since 2013, and is the commission’s secretary and co-liaison to the sister city of Hanam City, South Korea this year. “I volunteer to stay involved in my community,”she explains. Melanie is looking forward to chaperoning a youth leadership delegation on a trip to Hanam City later this year.

Program Associate/Recruiter Angela Kraszewski volunteers with the Uganda Village Project, which promotes public health in villages in rural Uganda. Angela says, “I volunteer with UVP because I believe in and support their mission to facilitate community health and well-being. My involvement with the internship program was a wonderful and eye-opening experience, and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with future interns.”

M&E/Outreach Director Jen Snow volunteered the last two years as a host family and mentor for international students participating in the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program. She volunteers because “what better way is there to make a meaningful connection with others?” 

What’s your story? #NVW2015