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Volunteer Post

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In today’s blog post, Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Richard Janita shares his enthusiasm for volunteerism and the country of Bangladesh!

Many people ask me, what I do with my time being retired? My answer for the most part is that I volunteer my time to help others in developing countries to have safer food, better nutrition, and a taste of better tasting dairy products than they currently experience.

I just returned from my 4th trip to Bangladesh; yes, Bangladesh. It has grown over the last ten years with new infrastructure and sky rise buildings as many other countries have with time. The general population is full of smiles and hospitality even as poor as they are. I am always amazed how people can be so happy having so little. I’ve been to fifteen plus countries since the early 80’s and just one other more times than Bangladesh. Seeing the smiles on faces when the job became easier for them is so rewarding.

So, if you desire a new experience and want to share and leave a little of your spirit on the planet 10,000 miles from the USA, share your knowledge because the planet sure needs it!