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Volunteer Post

Training Key to Empowering People

Jen Snow

Dr. Thomas DeGomez, from the University of Arizona, recently returned from his volunteer assignment with Winrock’s Farmer-to-Farmer program in Nepal. He shares his thoughts after spending two weeks training faculty at Nepal’s Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU):

“This assignment renewed my commitment to do whatever I can to help developing countries solve agricultural problems on the ground in the county where solutions are needed. This is the third assignment I have had in a developing country, and I find that many of the same problems exist no matter which part of the world. Training is key to empowering local people to solving their specific problems in agricultural production. The countries of the developed world can not solve problems in the developing world by giving material goods to them. We need to promote the sharing of technology so that people overcome the hurdles placed in their way.”

DeGomez’ work will help AFU strengthen its curriculum and extension services for agriculture students and smallholder farmers.