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Volunteer Post

Vital Learning Opportunities

Jen Snow

It’s always rewarding to see and hear first-hand how our programs are making a difference around the world. Our team in Nigeria recently interviewed staff from one of our host (beneficiary) organizations. Their comments reiterate the value of the knowledge transfer and people-to-people exchange inherent to the Farmer-to-Farmer program.

“There are not many opportunities of meeting experts in the course of our work in rural Nigeria. Through Farmer-to-Farmer, we have international experts working closely with our team. Such opportunities to rub minds with international volunteers are vital learning opportunities for us. It takes our pride as a learning organization to a truly international level.

Invariably, the F2F assistance leads to opportunities of social interaction with my family and friends. Long time friendships have been started and sustained from these interactions. My children have the opportunity of meeting with people from different socio cultural backgrounds and this has made them truly global citizens.

Our access to international experts has created a reputation for us as an organization where you can get an answer to almost any sorts of problems.”