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Volunteer Post

Volunteering: A core American value

Sheri Kabaou

Todays post is written by Demetria Arvanitis, Director of Winrock’s Volunteer Technical Assistance Team:

As we celebrate Independence Day on July 4, America is 236 years old. We are fortunate here, a stable, democratic government guided by a 226 year-old constitution, abundant natural resources and a population energized by many waves of immigration that have brought ambition, innovation and new ideas to our country. Our people also have a generous, volunteer spirit and desire to share their skills and knowledge around the world.

Winrock International, through implementation of the USAID-funded Doug Bereuter and John Ogonowski Farmer to Farmer Program, sends 125 volunteers on assignments around the world each year. Our volunteers represent the best in American spirit and American values. They work on programs designed in collaboration with host country institutions and organizations to improve farm productivity, help agricultural businesses generate employment, support key farmer-based organizations and agricultural institutions to create opportunity.

Supporting organizations that create rural employment and improved livelihoods are a key part of Winrock’s strategy. So many of the world’s pressing issues can be traced back to unemployment, youth without hope and communities in crisis. Our volunteers help to strengthen rural communities, create hope and help people to use their ingenuity to realize their hopes and dreams, to bring that spirit of American possibility to the thousands of people, organizations and communities we work with each year.

Demetria Arvanitis