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Water @ Wilson: 50 Years of Water, Conflict and Cooperation

SWP Deputy Director John Parker will speak at the Wilson Center’s anniversary event.

Water is critical. It grows our food, generates our energy, and ensures our prosperity. To address the challenges that stand in the way of building healthy, prosperous, and peaceful communities, we must first tackle the challenge of water insecurity. As the Wilson Center celebrates its 50th anniversary, the Environmental Change and Security Program marks water’s central role in our work at a special event highlighting innovative approaches to water, health, and security.

A rapidly changing climate and shifting demographics mean that the future of water resource management may not look like the past:

  • What is the new face of water conflicts?
  • Where are the opportunities to secure access to water and create more resilient communities?
  • How can we protect our oceans from pollution and conflict?
  • What are governments doing to elevate the importance of water security?

On November 28, a group of expert speakers — including SWP Deputy Director John Parker — will gather at the Wilson Center to take stock of the first year of the first U.S. Global Water Strategy; explore new research and practice on water, peace, and conflict; and highlight the centrality of water to global prosperity. Click here to RSVP to attend, either in-person or by webcast.

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