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Winrock’s Liz Kendall Discusses Water Security in World Water Magazine

Winrock water expert Liz Kendall outlines water security challenges and progress in Cambodia. and Winrock’s Sustainable Water Partnership (SWP) have launched a $4-million micro loan financing program to bring water and sanitation to Cambodian households. Winrock International’s Liz Kendall recently contributed a story to World Water Magazine about current water challenges in Cambodia and how affordable microloans can help to expand water access.

SWP began the Cambodia Water Security Improvement Activity in 2017 by mobilizing a diverse array of stakeholders to address water security in central Cambodia’s Stung Chinit watershed. This mobilization effort has solicited input from governmental agencies from the commune and district level, as well as nongovernmental organizations. SWP has also engaged groups who regularly use water in the region, such as farmer water user committees, community forestry and fisheries groups, and water user associations.

Learn more in this article, which originally appeared in World Water Magazine.

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