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Capacity Building on Pineapple Products Processing and Conservation

Location: Kissidougou

Assignment Number: GUI303

Volunteers Requested: 1

Recruiter: Jennifer Robinson | |

Winrock International is seeking a Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer to support a 17-day assignment (including travel) to Kissidougou, Guinea. The volunteer will conduct a training session for the Union of Pineapple and Ginger Producers in Kissidougou (UPAG-K). The training aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to process pineapple effectively.

Guinea has significant agricultural potential, with natural conditions conducive to cultivating various agricultural products. Agriculture contributes 20% of GDP and is the main activity of almost 80% of the rural population. The pineapple sector has recently been attracting renewed attention from the national authorities and a number of agricultural development players, given its potential to create jobs and generate income. 

Many of these products are cut off from markets for part or most of the year, and post-harvest losses are high due to poor agronomic practices, poor post-harvest handling, lack of storage, and poor transportation services. Consequently, large quantities of products are marketed during the harvest season (April-July). During the off-season, fruits and vegetables are in high demand, but farmers do not have the technology to store, process, and deliver them to the market.

The volunteer will:

·       Assist the organization in addressing the challenge of markets distant from production areas, minimizing or eliminating post-harvest losses, and suggesting storage methods and transportation options appropriate to the local context.

·       Develop a training manual and PowerPoint on preserving and processing agricultural products, particularly pineapple.

The ideal volunteer for this assignment should have the following qualifications and background:

·       A university degree and expertise in food science and nutrition, or a closely related field, are required for this position.

·       In addition, the ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to train and impart practical knowledge to adult learners effectively. Strong written and verbal communication skills are valuable for this position.

·       In addition, a minimum of 5 to 10 years of experience in the economic use of fruit and vegetable processing equipment in developing countries, particularly in West Africa, is highly desirable.