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Good Agricultural Practices

Location: Velingara, Kolda

Assignment Number: SEN356

Volunteers Requested: 1

Recruiter: Selyna Buie | | TBD

Winrock International requests the support of a Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer for a 19-day volunteer assignment (including travel) located in Velingara, Kolda, Senegal.  The volunteer will train host participants to improve their practices in extensive crop farming (rain-fed) and horticulture, including plowing and soil preparation with bio-fertilizers production and usage techniques, sowing, harvesting, and conservation for big crops such as cereals such as millet, corn, sorghum, cotton, legumes. In addition, the volunteer will provide training on nursery preparation and plant handling when transplanting, composting, mulching, efficient water use and management, organic matter application, pests, and disease control for horticulture. The horticulture products concerned are okra, tomato, sorrel, bitter and sweet eggplant, onions, lettuce, carrot, cabbage, and peppers. 

Through this training, the NDEMA farmers will gain skills and farming techniques to safely and sustainably produce various crops on their farms, maximize yields, optimize business operations, and establish a good production system with mitigation of environmental impacts. 

The volunteer should have the following qualifications and background: 

Master’s degree or higher in agriculture, horticulture, crop production, or similar fields.

Experience in the field of agricultural education and training with a focus on rain-fed farming and horticulture with application of Good Agricultural Practices.

Background information on developing countries’ agriculture sector.

Training/teaching experience in Good Agricultural Practices.

Experience training adults preferred.

French language skills are preferred but not mandatory; an interpreter will be provided.