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Enhancing Agricultural Training for Sustainable Farming of Nioro Vocational Training Center

Location: Nioro du Rip

Assignment Number: SEN365

Volunteers Requested: 1

Recruiter: Selyna Buie | | TBD

Winrock International is soliciting the services of a Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer for an 18-day volunteer assignment, including travel, situated in Nioro du Rip, Kaolack region, Senegal. The volunteer’s primary responsibility is to help develop training materials that will enhance the capacity of the Nioro Vocational Training Center (VTC) trainers to teach Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) to current graduates and equip them with the expertise to manage their farms successfully. 

The volunteer will conduct practical training sessions on nursery and soil preparation techniques, transplanting, water use and management, organic matter application, crop rotation, intercropping, vegetal covering, pests, disease control, and other adaptive and innovative practices. These sessions are designed to mitigate climate change and environmental effects. The VTC currently offers a horticulture course that teaches GAP principles, but they are seeking assistance to enhance their curriculum on the topic.

The primary horticultural products include tomato, hot pepper, cabbage, eggplant, cucumber, okra, radish, watermelon, moringa (seeds and powder), onions, hibiscus, cowpea, and okra. The training will enable the Nioro VTC trainers and graduates to gain a deeper understanding of GAP concepts such as biological control of pests and diseases, the use of water in crops with rain reserve, less use of chemical fertilizers, promotion of IPM, mulching and composting, and soil maintenance and conservation.

The agricultural farming subsector holds immense potential for graduates and private-sector employers. The instructions provided under this assignment will be a valuable asset to the center, both as an income-generating activity and an enhancement for applied techniques within the curriculum. Graduates of the Nioro VTC, equipped with the knowledge of Good Agricultural Practices, will be able to produce vegetables within their perimeter safely and sustainably. This will optimize business operations, minimize production costs, and reduce environmental impact, paving the way for a promising future.

To qualify for the position, the volunteer should have the following qualifications and background:

·       Master’s degree or higher in horticulture, agriculture, or similar fields.

·       Experience in agricultural education and training focusing on horticulture and applying Good Agricultural Practices.

·       Training/teaching experience in Good Agricultural Practices.

·       Experience training adults preferred.

·       French language skills are preferred but not mandatory; an interpreter will be provided.